About the photographer

Stefan Hülzer

born 1965 and grown up in Cologne, Germany

school and training until 1987
worked as a photo assistant for several photographers until 1988
first experirences in advertisement jobs
1989 first studio in Cologne, advertisement and fashion jobs,
1990 setup of a the photo division in a daily newspaper until 1992,
1992 first exhbition "New York", moved to Berlin 1992
free lance for G+J Verlag and several german magazines
1993 opened studio in Berlin, advertisement, people and fashion jobs,
1995 founded foto-agency "photoline", first digital pictures
1996 exhbition in Berlin

Here you can see his studio in an interactive 3D-panorama. This was shot with the QTVR (Quicktime Virtual Reality) technology.

A short overview of clients:

Stern, Spiegel, Focus, Vouge, Merian, and several other magazines, etc.


Kaufhof, Schering, AEG, Merkur Spiele (Gauselmann), Siemens AG, GASAG, Messe Düsseldorf, Stadt Köln

Real life contact:

phone: +49 - (0) 172-3932717

questions and comments via email

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