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Ilona Klimek

Ilona Klimek, born 1970, "belongs undoubtedly to the so-called to the 'new generation' of european photographers. Nevertheless, she deprives from every stereotype connected with such an assignement in a shallow way. Classical craftsmanship - especially experimental work with the different effects of light - she likes much more then - for example - working with digital equipement." (Designers digest 58/59-95)

Ilona Klimek had no doubts and didn't hesitate: already when she still went to school she started photographing. With the first money she earned she bought a wooden 8 X 10 inch Deardorff camera while her companions were interested in fashion, shoes and cosmetics. Until today (and on) she uses the Deardorff for her strange and sometimes obscene stills - mostly on a trashy threshold.
After working as a press photographer and some jobs as a freelancer she found her most important impulses at the studio of well-known photographer C.D.Geissler .
By now here photoworks get more and more attention. She found great interest with her portfolio " Designers digest" and many international companies used her pictures for public relations.

One of the most important experts and collectors of photography in the world - Prof. Fritz L. Gruber, the founder of the photocollection in Cologne's museum Ludwig - patronises her: "The photoworks of Ilona Klimek show a strong feeling for color and powerful expression when she's working with totally familiar natural produces. She stakes on strong contrasts, which imprints to the memory of the viewer. Her experimental compositions are both risky and sucessful. One can not overlook her work - and even Ilona herself."

(Prof. Fritz L. Gruber, who's got some photoworks by Ilona in his collection).

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