About the photographer

Frank Dünzl

born and grown up in Cologne, Germany

started to work as a photo assistant at the C.D.Geissler studio, (a famous still life photographer), then worked for several others. Since then free lance for advertising agencies and magazines, "ARTIST against AIDS" exhibition at the world aids day in december 1992 in Cologne, permanent exhibition in Cologne at the gallery EDENFEUER since 1994, now free lancer for advertising, magazines and fashion. He has been in Japan from 11/1997 to 5/1998. He lives and works in Berlin and Cologne now.

Last exhibition: January 2007: "Heroes" at Select, Cologne.

Frank Dünzl is specialized in taking photos of people, fashion, PR-shots, products and other general things, but he is also familiar with press work and industry.
He loves photographing with existing light or to mix existing light with flash light. All non-digital Photos have been taken with the Nikon F3 and F90X. Digital photographs were shot with the Canon EOS 10 D, 20 D or 5 D and edited on an Apple Macintosh computer. For still lifes he uses the Sinar. All pictures were taken on Fuji films or Kodak films.

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A short overview of clients:

Schulz & Compagnions, TWINS, Electronic Arts (EA), PRINZ, TM (Textil Mitteilungen), TextilWirtschaft, ELLE PLUS , Buchkultur, Vogue, UIP, RTL-Television, BASF, WEST tobacco, ST. EMILE (fashion), Schweppes, Ariola (Bertelsmann Music group), Clouth Werke AG, Wienand Verlag, Kaufhof AG, SK corpus Immobilien

Für Models:

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vorzugsweise ausdrucken und ausgefüllt mitbringen.

Real life contact:

phone: +49-176-24661057

questions and comments via email

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