About the photographer

Claus-Dieter Geissler

His father's job certainly had its share: born 1952 in Rinteln on the Weser (Germany) as son of a Graphic Designer, Claus-Dieter comes very early in touch with the complex spectrum of tasks in advertising.

His own interests and obviously also his job were not coincidentally in the photographic area: apprenticeship with exam in 1972 in Cologne, then assistent to the Photo Journalist Heinz Held, and after his community service from 1974 - 1976 many trips to foreign countries and occasional jobs in the advertising agency of his parents.

In 1977 Claus-Dieter Geissler opened his own business as Industrial Photographer in Cologne, were he also obtained his Master of Photographic Arts degree. More and more it was the highly demanding advertising photography that offered the talented photographer the latitude for his further profiling.

Today the name of Claus-Dieter Geissler stands for still life photography. His many demanding orders from the different areas of advertising he receives from advertising agencies for customers like: Agfa, Bayer, Degussa, Fuji Film, Mercedes Benz, Telekom, Wella, Zanders Fine Papers...

His excellent use of light for orders, but also for his own free work, has attracted attention visually and also through the contents for many years. The sensible language in his pictures explaines the cult around his images: the constant search for new goals on the edge of photographic reproduction.

All Photos have been taken with the Sinar P2 and the Deardorff on 8x10 inch. Lenses from Nikon and Schneider-Kreuznach have been used. All pictures were taken on Agfachrome RS 100 plus material. (On this page.)

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phone: +49 - (0) 221 - 24 20 89

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